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Chinese brown Jade Amulet Pendant Qilin.

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Amulet pendant Jade Qilin

measures: 1,4 x 1,6 Inches

The qilin, kilin or quilin (Chinese: 麒麟, pinyin: Qilin) is a horned ungulate hybrid (body of a lion, fish skin and horns of deer) in Chinese mythology, Japanese and Korean which is said to appear in conjunction with the arrival of a sage. It is a good omen that brings rui (Chinese: 瑞; pinyin: ruì, "serenity" or "prosperity"). It is often represented as if flamease flames throughout your body.

History of jade
Chinese Jade is anyone removed or carved into China from the Neolithic jade. It is the hard stone used in China quintessential carving sculptures.
The jade was valued for its hardness, toughness, musical qualities and beauty. Especially its subtle features and translucent colors made out associated with the Chinese concepts of soul and immortality.


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Chinese brown Jade Amulet Pendant Qilin.

Chinese brown Jade Amulet Pendant Qilin.

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